There are two models:

1 -  2001 - 2006 ( all models)
and 2007 (convertible model only)


2 -  2008 - 2016 ( all models)
    and 2007    (hardtop model only )

 ( But will not fit New Mini Cooper F 55/56 )

If you have any questions please text me: 519-671-4544




Quality DEKRA Certification: ISO 9001:2000



It is high quality aftermarket product.

It is very easy to install.

No special tool required.

It comes complete with fitting kit (screws,washers,masking cups). 

It opens for storage, and folds out of the way if not needed

Padded top will slide forward to provide extra support if needed

Carpeted  finish inside the storage.

Padded lid made of ecological leather.


Colour: BLACK



Please take your time to read our feedback and buy with confidence (click here)



YOUR TOTAL: $119.99


Shipping included to US and Canada only.

Other countries please contact me for your shipping cost.


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